Integrated Time-Tracking

Clock-In /Clock-Out from the Web or Smart Phone

Throw away your time clock! Employees can now clock-in and out by web, text message or mobile app. With our sophisticated time-clocking features, the power to track staff attendance and punctuality in real-time has never been easier and more accurate.  

GPS Location and Time Stamping

GPS location technology ensures employees are on-site working when they say they are. Staff members love the ease, freedom and independence that online time clocking allows.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Monitor your staff remotely with real-time, GPS stamped accuracy. Supervise staff attendance and punctuality by accessing time sheet data for each member of your team. Gather and analyze punctuality trends for improved performance and cost control.


Integrated Payroll Processing

Quickly prepare time logs for payroll processing. Employee schedules and hours worked can be downloaded on-demand and exported in Text, PDF, or CSV formats for easy import into popular payroll processing applications.

Online Time Clock - Attendance Approval

Control and Report Labor Costs

Stay on top of trending, forecasting and labor costs with NimbleSchedule’s sophisticated, onboard analytic reporting tools.

  • Translate Schedules Into Labor Costs
  • At-a-Glance Employee Profit and Loss Statements
  • Period-Based Labor Cost Reporting

Exempt vs Non-Exempt Employee Tracking

Changes to U.S. Labor Laws in December 2016 mean that 4.5 million salaried workers who’ve previously been exempt from overtime rules will now have to clock in and out. With our simple, effective solution, you can easily handle both salaried exempt and non-exempt employees.

Regardless of if your employees have a weekly, monthly, or an annual salary, our system can handle hourly conversion and pay that non-exempt employee for any weekly overtime earned. And during the weeks that employee clocks in for less than a full 40 hours? Our system can still compensate the same employee with his or her full weekly salary if the employer so chooses.

A smart, simple solution to the FLSA rule changes is within your reach – try it out!

Say Goodbye to Buddy Punching With Our Advanced Biometric Devices

Worried that one employee might be able to clock in for another? Prevent such time theft with our robust biometric systems from Suprema. Accurate and reliable time-clocking is finally possible with the industry’s latest biometric devices.

With multiple solutions to select from, our hardware solution provides built-in fingerprint reading and the NimbleSchedule software on one sturdy device. Our devices scan and sign-in employees in roughly one second, allowing for one device to support a large number of employees per location. Plus, employers have peace of mind knowing they’ve said goodbye to the risk of buddy-clocking forever.

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