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NimbleSchedule features produce relevant and timely solutions for some of today’s most paramount business issues.

Scheduling a large or small team can produce many problems without too many feasible solutions. NimbleSchedule addresses many of those specific scheduling problems providing a solid foundation by which our customers accelerate their unique business objectives.

Save Time & Money on reoccurring scheduling tasks

NimbleSchedule online employee software shrinks a tedious process into just minutes. There has never been software for employee scheduling that is this versatile and easy to use. Used for simple scheduling or more complex tasks, it makes adjustments and changes easily.

Even better, we’ll save you money! The NimbleSchedule Online Schedule Calendar pays for itself in no time – and then some – providing hard cost savings in addition to saving time.

On average businesses save $5,000 per workforce task, per person, per year on NimbleSchedule. They also save 260 hours per workforce task, per person per year on the platform.

But don’t let us do all the convincing…numbers don’t lie. Use the savings calculator below to calculate your estimated cost-savings using NimbleSchedule.


Learn more about Nimble’s Easy Scheduling features that save you time and money.

Reduce scheduling errors

Misjudgments in employee scheduling can directly impact your labor costs, productivity and profitability. This leaves you either over-staffed or under-staffed and creates painful cost overruns, not to mention the impact on customer service.

With our automated conflict checks, you can create error free work schedules with a few simple clicks.

Using pre-set rules, you can automate functionality and resolve scheduling conflicts in real-time, efficiently, generate alerts to critical situations (like an understaffed shift) via emails or text messages.

Learn more about how Nimble’s Easy Scheduling features can help your business say good-bye to scheduling errors, for good!

Implement Effective Communications

Effective communication is the major barrier to successful scheduling. How many hours have you wasted hunting employees down? How many times have you heard employee excuses? How many schedules had to be trashed because of some critical piece of information you didn’t find out until later? Improved communication tools keep everyone on the same (calendar) page without extra effort or expense. Everyone knows where (and when) they are scheduled, with a verifiable messaging trail so you can hold excuse-makers accountable and recognize the reliable.

NimbleSchedule’s disruptive communications platform provides easy collaboration with smartphone and online access, automated schedule reminders by emails or text messages and fully configurable communications options and allows managers to stay on top of their employees with smartphone access to:

  • Check and update schedules
  • View and approve scheduling trades and requests
  • Check and manage schedule notices
  • In sync with Google Calendar and MS Outlook

Learn more about how our mobile applications and communication tools create a highly effective communication environment.

Eliminate the headaches of managing multiple employee programs and scheduling sheets

Keeping track of multiple time cards, spreadsheets, handwritten notes from staff combined with payroll and HR scheduling programs and reports can create monstrous headaches for management when it comes to scheduling. NimbleSchedule centralizes all scheduling resources into one, convenient platform that is designed to integrate seamlessly with pre-existing internal processes. The end result is ONE system for all of your scheduling management needs. A comprehensive approach to your unique scheduling needs simplifies and streamlines your workforce optimization functions and processes, unifying your team with your workforce strategies.

Learn more about NimbleSchedule’s Time-Clocking, Easy Scheduling features, and Partner Integrations that are sure to cure your scheduling headaches.

Increase Employee Engagement

By actively involving employees in the scheduling process you boost morale and improve communication.

NimbleSchedule takes your entire team by the hand and plugs them into the scheduling process. They’ll handle time off requests, shift swap requests and more, all on their own using our powerful online scheduling software. Our time schedule software is easy to use and makes everyone more responsible for their own attendance – so there are no excuses. Employees can trade shifts with each other and have more control over their online work schedules.

With employees more involved in the scheduling process, all of them feel like they’re being treated fairly and equally.

Learn more about Nimble’s Self-Serve Options.

Effectively manage workforce results and responsibilities

Actionable and powerful reports allow businesses and organizations to closely monitor employee hours and associated costs. NimbleSchedule’s customer reports include detailed oversight and scheduling statistics on workforce performance so you can easily identify and manage workflow shortfalls and excesses. This powerful solution is provided with little to no additional time spent by managers and is a game-changer for many Nimble customers in achieving their workforce optimization goals. This also helps businesses control labor costs so that there is no shortage or overage for coverage.

Learn more about NimbleSchedule’s Actionable Reports.

Eliminate Technology Impairments

NimbleSchedule is simple, intuitive and user friendly. NimbleSchedule features are designed for everyone to use with ease, no matter their tech-level. NimbleSchedule does not require any fancy or confusing downloads or special technical installation. Employers simply create an admin account on this 100% web based portal and both employers and employees are connected and using the platform in minutes! The product features are intuitive and reduce the element of confusion across all user tech capabilities – so your most tech savvy, and most technically-challenged employee are on the same page!

This user-friendly system allows managers to assign staff to schedules and fill in information with drag-n-drop ease and access detailed information and multiple views with point-and-click simplicity. System updates and required maintenance are handled automatically and easy set-up wizard requires limited initial information to get started on the program.

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Receive Fast and Approachable Technical Support

We know your time is valuable. That is why we do not think you should have to wait when you have a question about our products or are experiencing technical difficulties. At NimbleSchedule we offer prompt, free customer service via phone and email for all of your scheduling questions. Your support queries are handled within 4 hours or less so your issues are solved within your timeline, not ours.

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