The ultimate solution for retail employee scheduling, NimbleSchedule was built on the premise of dramatically reducing stress put on retail managers by constant schedule changes, shift requests, late arrivals and no-shows. Put accountability on your staff by empowering them to be more actively involved in the scheduling process.

With NimbleSchedule, you can:

  • Put an end to missed shifts and schedule miscommunications
  • Satisfy employee schedule requests more efficiently
  • Automate many scheduling tasks and real-time employee communications
  • Empower your staff to self-manage shift swaps and time-off requests

Simplified Scheduling Means Less Headaches

  • Create as many schedules as you like for as many employees and locations as you have
  • Eliminate employee absenteeism
  • Put an end to costly overtime
  • Automate nearly every aspect of the scheduling process
  • Approve or reject vacation, time off and shift swap requests instantly
  • Improve communications with automated email and text notifications

These Retail Stores NimbleSchedule

AirHop Trampoline Park Burberry - Iconic British Luxury Brand Est. 1856 LifeAID Beverage Co.