Hospitality is big business that requires a well-crafted solution for easily managing large number of employees performing multiple roles across a wide-range of departments. NimbleSchedule provides this solution.

We built NimbleSchedule with the Hospitality Industry specifically in mind. We understand your challenges and designed NimbleSchedule to meet those challenges head-on.

You can:

  • Reducing overtime costs
  • Create separate schedules for every department, including the management team
  • Easily control schedule and vacation requests, open shifts, time off and shift swapping
  • Streamline regular shift rotations
  • Analyze and predict heavy workdays requiring on-call staff scheduling
  • Automate schedule notifications and messaging
  • Incorporate overtime and regulatory rules.
  • Monitor trends, employee efficiency, and time off.

These Hospitality Places use NimbleSchedule

La Fontaine Bleue - Event Planning and Catering MLS BC Cruises - Marine Shipping Services Rock And Roll Daycare And Montessori Preschool