When it comes to scheduling and time clocking, keeping your personnel informed, engaged and happy is paramount in today’s ever-changing and extremely competitive healthcare landscape. NimbleSchedule understands this and has provided the tools necessary to give managers the control and flexibility they need to stay on top.

NimbleSchedule allows managers to continually monitor and update staff preferences for days, shifts and units, and to notify everyone who needs to know, instantly. In addition, automated reports allow for easy optimization of schedules and calendars and work to provide managers critical insight for identify trends, costly over-staffing, or over-time.

NimbleSchedule’s mobile-ready, internet-based interface allows management and employee unparalleled ease of use and flexibility, including:

  • Improved Work-Life Balance
  • Intuitive Automated Calendar Management
  • Flawless Communications by Text & Email
  • Instant Alerts
  • Better Monitoring & Reporting
  • Grant greater control and employee autonomy

These Healthcare facilities use NimbleSchedule

Alta Animal Hospital - Pocatello Veterinarian Carousel Pediatrics Montefiore Medical Center