Integrated Time-Clocking

Clock On and Off from the Web or by Phone!

With this fully automated online time-clocking, you get superior employee time and shift management on the fly!
Employees can easily clock in and out for their shifts via the web, text message, mobile app or phone and admins can track staff attendance and punctuality in real-time. Authorize only certain computers and geographic locations to access the online time tracking feature.

Fully scalable, our time clocking system grows with you as your team expands. Unlike other scheduling systems, time-clocking is an integrated part of the NimbleSchedule system so you pay for unlimited time-clocking features for your entire team with your monthly invoice. No nickel and dime-ing here!

Mobile time clocking allows shift supervisors and managers an enormous advantage over traditional clocking methods. It is accessible to those who need it and employees love the ease, freedom and independence that online time-clocking allows.

GPS Stamp

Employee time punches from smart phone are GPS stamped – enforcing responsible usage and accurate time clocking.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor everything remotely with this web time clocking software. Admins can watch for staff attendance and punctuality no matter where they’re checking in from, and improve every performance indicator based on hard numbers. You can even access time sheet data in real time and gather and analyze just the data important to improving your team’s performance.

Payroll Integration

The Attendance module simplifies and makes tracking time easy so you can quickly prepare time logs for payroll processing. Reports can be downloaded in real-time and on-demand, while raw timesheet data can be exported as Text, PDF, or CSV formats to communicate quickly and easily with customized applications.

No Installation

With an intuitive installation wizard that sets you up in minutes, and unlimited 24/7 technical support from Nimble, there is no risk and nothing to lose but wasted time and inefficiency when you use this time clocking software.

Try a totally free 14-day free trial. No credit card required.