Mobile Applications

Experience the POWER of mobile.

If you have ever used scheduling software for workforce management, you will be impressed by the mobile power NimbleSchedule offers.

Manage your entire workforce from the palm of your hand. Schedule employees anytime, anywhere using the web and mobile app. This mobile feature is perfectly scalable, intuitive and collaborative and makes phone time clocking a breeze. And because all your information is secure and online, you never have to sync another device.

“With my smartphone and the internet at my fingertips, I’ve been able to change the schedule, call employees, and look up who’s working and send a message to everyone… without leaving a meeting. I’ve even replaced an entire shift while waiting for the traffic light to change.”

Mobile Shift Planning POWER for Managers

  • View multiple schedules in real time
  • Find shift replacements
  • Approve shift swaps & drop requests
  • Approve time-off requests

Mobile POWER for Employees

  • View your shift or entire schedule
  • View and pick up available open shifts
  • Clock in and out
  • Trade/Drop shifts

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