Communication Tools

Keep your staff on the same page.

Advanced team communication tools are built into our employee scheduling software so you never have to hear that dreaded excuse again: “I didn’t know I was scheduled!”

Admins can set-up shift reminders for their staff that sends an alert up to 24 hours prior to their scheduled shift. Managers can stay in constant communication with their employees on scheduling matters via text and emails. The system is also equipped to send notices when trades are accepted, alerts when a schedule is available for review, and much more! Automating these collaborative tools enable managers to communicate effectively with their staff without spending hours on individual, disconnected shift planning communication methods.

With NimbleSchedule’s disruptive and efficient communication tools, the days of miscommunication are over!


  • With individuals, groups affected by a given schedule, or your entire team
  • Via, standard email and/or text message
  • Via web, smartphone and/or your desktop email, such as Outlook

Single Click Notification

NimbleSchedule’s single-click notification system makes notifying your employees of a schedule change a one-step process! The system enables managers to instantly alert staff of:

  • New and updated schedules
  • Over- and under-staffed shifts
  • Important events and messages
  • Much, much more!


Customize reminders and alerts according to your employees’ needs including specific meeting or events outside of their normal schedule (such as staff meetings or staff appreciation events).

Notification Preferences

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