The next TREND in Retail Employee Scheduling

Retail managers can spend a lot of time on work schedules and shift requests or changes.

Sometimes a retail manager still ends up manning the register because of simple misunderstandings, and that’s just the beginning of expensive, inefficient and time-consuming employee schedule problems. But a major investment in expensive enterprise management software always requires an equally major business re-alignment, and software solutions often lead to further software problems. NimbleSchedule offers a simple, affordable scheduling software without interfering with your other systems. It’s 100% web based so every user gets a place.

The NimbleSchedule solution allows retailers to:

  • End missed shifts and miscommunication
  • Better satisfy management needs and employee requests
  • Automate almost all scheduling and employee notification
  • Automate shift swaps, vacation requests and replacements

No matter how many locations you’re managing – or how many employees – there’s an easy way to simplify the entire process. NimbleSchedule allows you to:

  • Create as many schedules as you like irrespective of job titles or locations.
  • Establish individual or highly customizable shift beginnings or ends
  • Oversee, approve or control vacations, open shifts or time off
  • Automate and give greater control to local managers and employees to insure tighter shift management and more efficient notification by email or even text message.
  • End unnecessary overtime costs and even run a more efficient and cost saving part time staff.
  • Eliminate employee absences.
  • Ensure better compliance with local regulations.

With no installation, and a completely web-based interface, NimbleSchedule allows retailers to quickly and easily adopt and run with a user-friendly online scheduling solution. Employees gain a home base where they interact with management over every aspect of their calendar week, or any scheduling unit that you determine. Retailers automate the entire process once and eliminate the need for ongoing, time-consuming scheduling and notifications while eliminating miscommunication and get back to the core business agenda.


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