Not-for-Profit Scheduling

As Flexible and Powerful as Your Agenda.

Competing in the not-for-profit world takes brains and polish. Holding onto the best staff and volunteers means you need to be pro-active in offering the most attractive and customizable work schedules possible. With greater control over employees’ and volunteers’ home-life balance, offering them a better, smarter hand in controlling their own shifts, schedules and calendars can make all the difference between struggling to keep the right individuals, and offering a state of the art work environment where they are proud to show up. NimbleSchedule can handle any kind of hours, unlimited jobs and multiple schedules in an intuitive online environment that lets all of your staff and volunteers in on the job. Varying levels of skills and experience plus multiple job descriptions have always presented scheduling managers with a particular challenge. NimbleSchedule was designed to eliminate time consuming tasks while allowing you to concentrate on automating everything that can be automated, from notifications to shift swaps and vacations.

For the budget-conscious, NimbleSchedule means:

  • Reduced or eliminated overtime costs or emotional stress
  • Better staff and volunteer retention and monitoring
  • Lower absentee and un-engaged rates
  • Automated schedule posting, changes notification and shift management
  • Better regulatory compliance

All of these features add up to a staff and volunteer base that is better able to meet the needs of your organization and, more importantly, enthusiastic about doing so.

Better schedule management for every user means every individual can remotely:

  • View and confirm work/volunteer schedules
  • Confirm or change availability
  • Request shift changes
  • Swap shifts
  • Receive daily or as-needed alerts and notifications via text or email

A powerful scheduling solution means smart scheduling that works for your organization, no matter how big or complex the scheduling need. Updated, easily adjusted and optimized schedules keep everyone happier and allow you to better rely on part-time or seasonal workers or volunteers and to concentrate on the most important aspects of your job.


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