Scheduling for Hospitality

With Software as Sensible as You Are.

Hospitality scheduling requires either an iron will and a spare couple of hours or a powerful management solution designed just for the job. Whether you’re scheduling regular shifts or special events, NimbleSchedule handles hours, unlimited jobs and multiple locations, swiftly and easily. Scheduling staff with varying levels of skill and multiple job descriptions is one of the things NimbleSchedule was designed to do.

In the Hospitality industry, better scheduling means:

  • Reducing overtime costs
  • Better staff retention and monitoring
  • Lower absentee rates
  • Better regulatory compliance

NimbleSchedule allows Hospitality Scheduling Managers to:

  • Create separate schedules for the various departments within their business. Even management.
  • Establish separate rules or norms for trainees or team leaders.
  • Oversee and control shifts, vacations, open shifts, etc for individual departments or for all of them.
  • Streamline regular rotations.
  • Automate events or on-call staff scheduling to better manage heavy work days.
  • Automate schedule notifications and messaging.
  • Incorporate overtime and regulatory rules.
  • Monitor trends, employee efficiency and time off.

With remote access for every user, your entire staff can remotely:

  • View and confirm work schedules
  • Confirm or change availability
  • Request shift changes
  • Swap shifts
  • Receive daily or as-needed alerts and notifications via text or email.

With access to a powerful scheduling solution, your hospitality scheduling works better for your business, and puts your best employees forward. All of them get access to updated, easily adjusted and optimized schedules, while you concentrate on more important aspects of your business.


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