Robust Scheduling Software for Demanding Healthcare Workers

On-Demand Schedule Changes, Notifications and Shift Solutions

Keeping healthcare personnel informed and happy with their work-life schedules has never been more important. In highly competitive fields, you can easily valuable staff simply because another facility offers an easier way to pick up a shift, or a more flexible work week.

Whether you’re scheduling a crew of top-of-their-game nurses, building crew or a full hospital, NimbleSchedule allows you to:

  • Automate workforce rotations
  • Automate and monitor schedule changes via email and text
  • Establish and enforce bidding procedures, shift drops and vacation
  • Import unlimited personnel records via .csv, Address Book, Facebook and Google Apps.
  • Grant greater control and autonomy to employees

Healthcare professionals are all scheduled easier and faster with NimbleSchedule. They’re also happier to be notified of changes, by email and text, and more satisfied with the quality and the balance that more personalized scheduling allows them. Operating 24/7 and covering dozens or even hundreds of shifts, workers and change requests used to require a staff devoted just to managing calendars. Posting them used to mean waiting for shift changes when the whole thing started over. NimbleSchedule allows managers to continually monitor and update staff preferences for days, shifts and units, and to instantly notify everyone who needs to know. Automated reports allow for the easy optimization of worker schedules and calendars and allow management to identify trends, costly over-staffing or over-time and to better meet compliance demands no matter where they come from. NimbleSchedule’s mobile-ready internet-based interface allows management and employee unparalleled ease of use and flexibility.

  • Greater Life-Work Balance
  • Intuitive Automated Calendar Management
  • Flawless Communications by Text & Email
  • Instant Alerts
  • Better Monitoring & Reporting

With no complicated installation or database, NimbleSchedule will launch in moments and keep your best staff working right from the start.

Try a totally free 14-day free trial. No credit card required.