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Scalable Management Scheduling Software for Government Agencies

Nobody makes the larger organization run like all the people in the background. Scheduling multiple workforces across multiple facilities and locations can be a major undertaking. And posting schedules to bulletin boards in the hopes that employees will see them is still the norm, even with all of the expensive and time consuming miscommunication, labor intensive changes and adjustments and juggling time off, sick days and vacations. Whether you’re managing multiple shifts and trainers, support staff and a building crew, or a simple inside crew on a weekly basis, NimbleSchedule puts them all on the same page. 100% online shift scheduling allows you to efficiently and simply manage work schedules and shifts, and keep employees informed of changes, cancellations and holidays.

Schedule managers use NimbleSchedule to:

  • Automate workforce rotations and shifts and schedule change requests
  • Even vacation time is transparently administered and covered
  • Allow workers to better manage their own shifts and swap them when necessary.

Managing multiple shifts at multiple locations is easy. As employees get used to notifications and emails about their work schedules, they’re also happier with their own ability to schedule time off and vacations. And managers can better oversee expensive overtime, absences and missed schedules.

Comprehensive scheduling software gives you the ability to:

  • Automate as many separate schedules as you need, for different staffs, job titles and areas.
  • Allow more management by team leaders or individual employees
  • Control shift trades, vacations, open shifts, and more
  • Notify everyone who needs to know, by email, web and text, of changes, open shifts or almost anything they need to know.
  • Better manage crews at all levels of the work force.

Using NimbleSchedule, government entities have revolutionized the way they interact with employees and given more control to both scheduling managers and to the work teams themselves. Support staff  miss fewer scheduled shifts and suffer less from poor communications or changed schedules and dropped shifts. Managers are able to better meet regulatory or union compliance demands that have traditionally tested even the most stalwart shift scheduler. NimbleSchedule puts ease of use and interactivity first so that employees are better able to meet the needs of government.

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