Easy Employee Scheduling

Put the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

We designed NimbleSchedule for people, not calendars. Online employee scheduling has never been easier.

Super Simple Scheduling

Say goodbye to spreadsheet, notebook and break-room paper schedules. NimbleSchedule is a better way. Quickly view, manage, and approve time off, overtime and shift-swap requests in real-time, all from your computer or mobile device.

Multi-Department and Location Flexibility

Set-up your account with just one or multiple locations and departments. Seamlessly create, manage and share schedules for all divisions within every department. Enjoy at-a-glance dashboard views for fast and easy assessment of employee availability.

Time-Saving Templates

Cut the time it normally takes to create weekly schedules in half with scheduling templates. Spend less time creating schedules and more time managing with data-driven, fully archival smart templates.

Interactive Interface

Interactive drag & drop features let you execute even the most advanced scheduling functions with ease. Fully automated preset rules turn mundane and repetitive tasks into simple keystrokes of efficiency.

NEW! PTO Tracking, Accrual and Use

Configurable PTO (Paid Time-Off) tracking allows you to easily select the preferred accrual method and assign newly-created policies to one employee or to a group of employees.

Regardless of whether you reward staff members based on hours worked or over daily, weekly or monthly timeframes, our solution provides the flexibility you need.

Once your employees start accruing PTO hours, NimbleSchedule tracks their use. Meanwhile, both employer and employee have full online visibility to PTO balances — totals that can be included in employee paystubs, as well.

Test drive our PTO solution and find how simple it is to create and manage this powerful reward system.

Self-Service Capabilities

Empower your team by plugging them into the scheduling process.

NimbleSchedule plugs your entire team into the scheduling process; decreasing the amount of time you spend on reoccurring tasks that employees are capable of doing themselves. Empower your staff to manage and troubleshoot their own schedules.

Open Shift Rosters

Make it easy for employees to pick-up open shifts with a click of the mouse. Post an open shift and select which interested employee gets to pick it up. Alternatively, set-up open shifts on a first come, first served basis. It’s your choice.

Dropped Shift Replacements

Employees who elect to drop a shift or request time off can do so automatically through their employee dashboard. Once approved, the dropped shift becomes an open shift and communicated instantly to the entire team, who can then choose to pick-up the open shift without manager involvement.

Shift Swapping

NimbleSchedule allows employees to trade shifts amongst themselves. Team members can find a colleague to cover all or part of their shift with just a few key strokes. Managers then approve or deny the shift swap request. It’s that easy!

It only takes minutes. Try these features now.

Team Communication Tools

Keep everyone on the same page with instant communication.

With NimbleSchedule’s disruptive communication tools, the days of miscommunication are over! Keep your entire team informed and accountable with automated shift reminders and schedule alerts.

Collaborative Communication

Collaborative communication tools provide a much-needed means for keeping everyone on the team in constant contact and up-to-date. Technology-driven communication through email, text and in-app messaging keeps the entire staff in-sync.

Single Click Notification Power

NimbleSchedule’s single-click notification system makes scheduling notifications a one-step process. Instantly alert staff about:

  • New and Updated Schedules
  • Open, Dropped and Traded Shifts
  • Important Events and Company Messages

Customizable Reminders and Alerts

Send automated schedule reminders and important alerts to some or all of your team instantly.

Cloud Scheduling - Employee Notification Preferences

On The Go Mobile

Manage your entire workforce from the palm of your hand.

Schedule employees anytime, anywhere using the NimbleSchedule Mobile App. Scalable, intuitive and collaborative, the NimbleSchedule mobile application makes managing schedules from your phone or pad a breeze.

“I’ve even replaced an entire shift while waiting for the traffic light to change.”

Shift Planning Power for Mobile Managers

  • View Multiple Real-Time Schedules
  • Find Shift Replacements
  • Approve Shift Swaps & Drop Requests
  • Approve Time-Off Requests
  • Communicate With The Team

Mobile Power for Employees

  • View Individual Shifts Or Entire Schedules
  • View And Pick-Up Available Open Shifts
  • Clock-In And Clock-Out
  • Swap Or Drop Shifts
  • Communicate With Colleagues and Managers

Actionable Reporting

Track trends and costs with sophisticated, onboard analytic reporting.

Stay on top of trending, forecasting and labor costs with NimbleSchedule’s sophisticated, onboard analytic reporting tools.

Track Critical Stats

  • Employee System Usage Stats
  • No-Shows, Late Arrivals, Early-To-Leave Staff Members
  • Monitor Time-Off And Overtime Requests

Control and Report Labor Costs

  • Translate Schedules Into Labor Costs
  • At-a-Glance Employee Profit and Loss Statements
  • Period-Based Labor Cost Reporting

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