Why NimbleSchedule?

Instant communication keeps everyone on the same page without extra effort or expense. Employees know instantly when and where they are scheduled, and with whom. Using a verifiable messaging trail, your entire team is accountable, informed and empowered.

Communicate With Your Team Instantly

Based on disruptive communications technology, NimbleSchedule provides easy online and mobile team collaboration. With automated scheduling reminders, email and text messaging options and on-the-go mobile shift request capabilities, the entire team enjoys seamless scheduling communications.

With NimbleSchedule’s Communication tools, managers and team members can:

  • Check and update schedules in real time
  • View and approve shift trade and time-off requests
  • Send and receive shift reminder alerts
  • Manage over and under-staffed shift notifications
  • Sync everything with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook

With NimbleSchedule’s disruptive communication tools, the days of mis-communication are over.