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Tips for Team building

Posted by Dan I. | HR Management Tips | No Comments November 23rd, 2014

In order to improve communication and trust among team members, companies started experimenting with various team building ideas and techniques long time ago. Since there is no single recipe on how to produce a better and more productive working environment, we'll present you with a mix of team building tips that will help you achieve those goals along with some truisms related to team building itself. Team building improves communication i

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Remote working

Posted by Dan I. | HR Management Tips | No Comments November 21st, 2014

Thanks to the development of modern technology, remote working is no longer just a theory, it has become a reality. Nowadays a large number of employees work from their homes for the benefits of both themselves and their companies. Depending on the exact industry niche, this may be a more or less spread practice among start-up companies and there are certainly many pros and cons that are to be taken into valuation when thinking about remote work

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Posted by Dan I. | HR Management Tips | No Comments November 17th, 2014

Web seminars, or shortly called webinars, are a modern tool used by a lot of companies for holding online conferences or for training. Especially popular in the software industry, webinars can be used to present your software to the audience by sharing your screen at the same time showing your product and communicating with one or more of your potential clients without having to travel somewhere, rent a presentation room or office or waste your p

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How to Protect Data

Posted by Dan I. | HR Management Tips | No Comments November 15th, 2014

No matter if you are trying to protect data on your company computer or your home laptop or desktop, some general rules regarding your data privacy and security should always be applied. If you keep your projects and work related files on your computer, losing such data may be a huge setback for your work or you might even lose your job if that happens at a bad time, for example, when you are preparing to file your report or

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Web marketing

Posted by Dan I. | HR Management Tips | No Comments November 13th, 2014

With over 40% of the world population being connected to the Internet, the significance of web marketing and online presence is huge. Developing a proper online marketing strategy may very easily mean a difference between success and failure in the modern technology world. In the last couple of years, the form of web marketing has changed and there are new trends and web marketing solutions for presenting your brand and content to the Interne

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