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QR Code Scanner – Time Clock Tablet App

Posted by Karin J. | Product News | May 24th, 2015

Frequently business owners reach out to us seeking alternatives to regular clocking in methods due to their company's diverse requirements. Most of our competitors cover just the basics, but when it comes to flexibility regarding time clock methods, then that’s where our time clock software is unbeatable. Aside from the regular clock in methods (via computer or smart phone), we also allow business owners to activate additional options like time

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Workforce Availability Scheduling

Posted by Karin J. | Product News | May 23rd, 2015

Our cloud workforce scheduling platform offers multiple ways to set your employee scheduling availability. Besides the regular time-off requesting system, our software also features two additional types of employee availabilities: • Weekly repeating availability • One time/Future availability You can enable or disable any of these options though the settings section. Under the “Time-Off & Availability” settings section, you

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Easy to Use Time-Off Request Functionality

Posted by Karin J. | Product News | May 22nd, 2015

Although dealing with various employee requests may sound frustrating and time consuming, with NimbleSchedule, this task is super easy and simple. Namely, through the configuration section you can define on how many days in advance your employees need to submit a specific time-off request. For example, you can set the system not to accept time-off requests if coming for the period of less than 3 days. This gives your time off managers an opportun

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Increase Employee Engagement With NimbleSchedule

Posted by Karin J. | Product News | May 17th, 2015

NimbleSchedule actively involves all your employees in the scheduling process and improves employee relations. By providing your employees with access to our workforce management system, you can allow them to perform certain tasks thus saving you time and money.

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Full Screen Mode Functionality

Posted by Karin J. | Product News | May 14th, 2015

If you are one of those managers who frequently creates and plans employee shifts, then you are certainly aware of numerous distractions that could easily lure you away from your work. With this idea in mind, our scheduling software engineers developed a so-called “Full Screen Mode” which allows a scheduler to eliminate any visual distractions and work on the schedule in his full (browser) screen. If you are already a NimbleSchedule subscr

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