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Location Based Employee Scheduling

Posted by Karin J. | Product News | July 11th, 2015

Managing a company with employees across multiple locations can be a challenge even to the best organized group of managers and schedulers. Therefore, the following question may be posed: how to effectively manage such employees without using tons of paper and spending hours and hours on such a process? In case you just discovered NimbleSchedule, then let us mention that among other features, our schedule maker offers an option that will help

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Scheduled vs. Actual Hours Worked

Posted by Karin J. | Product News | July 10th, 2015

In order to run a successful business, especially when your company starts growing, an important segment of your routine has to be keeping your costs under control. It is so easy to get carried away when customers start coming your way and you start hiring new people that at one moment your staffing and other costs just go over your income. Now that’s a serious problem. It seems to be a fairly straightforward process to create a work sched

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Inviting Employees to Start Using NimbleSchedule

Posted by Karin J. | Product News | July 9th, 2015

If you have recently registered with your NimbleSchedule account, you have probably already noticed how easy and effective our management software is. Within just a couple of minutes you can add your employees to the system, you can create a schedule and run your first reports. Since our employee management tool has also time attendance components, your employees will need to access the system as well. Besides their profile management, where

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How to add a new time clock entry and edit the existing one

Posted by Karin J. | Product News | July 5th, 2015

An automated tracking system for employees’ time clock entries is what almost any company needs these days. Why? Because you can set everything up, let your employees clock in and out and then simply process such entries for the payroll report through an automated time clock calculator. You probably don’t expect to do much manual work during that process. However, when your team starts using such a system, you can notice the human factor role

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Schedule Export to Different File Formats

Posted by Karin J. | Product News | July 4th, 2015

Besides an easy way to create schedules for their employees, managers and company owners frequently need their data exported for the third party processing. Whether such an action is required for an internal company process, or to simply print out or manually make some changes, our schedule maker offers a couple of ways to export any schedule to a desired file format. With the existing set of functionalities, you can easily export your employe

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